Insurers are starting to put the customer at the heart of everything they do. By activating and collecting the right data, they’re able to better understand consumer needs and offer customized advice, coverage, and tailored pricing. This shift indicates insurers are now viewing consumers as individuals, rather than customer segments.

By using cutting-edge technology to closely monitor the driving behavior of automotive insurance customers, insurance providers are being given a more accurate picture of how their clients drive. The result: many drivers are being rewarded for their good on-road behavior through declining premiums and more money in their wallets at the end of the month. Moreover, if the use of telematics technology encourages safer and more considerate driving, this should ultimately lead to safer roads for all of us.

What do you know about the recent trends in the auto insurance market? This market is extremely sensitive to developments and innovations in technology, showing growth in insurance telematics programs in the usage based insurance sector. Join us during these informative two days filled with experts’ talks, innovative solutions and in-depth overview of the current and future trends in the automotive insurance. Auto insurers, OEMs, experts, technology and service providers, innovative startups - all in one place for an unforgettable learning, discovering and networking experience.


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